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of North America

Waving Pines Farm

Rebecca Alexander
Adam Alexander
21132 330th St.
Phone: 5074300765
Flock Code: ALX
Email Address: Click to Email

We raise registered horned Icelandic breeding stock.  We raise our sheep to for hardiness and natural parasite resistance while not sacrificing conformation and a muscular build.  Ease of birth and good mothering are a must in our ewes.  We are breeding towards low maintenance horns on the rams that will not get too close to cause problems; We will not use a ram who has had his horns cut due to genetically tight horns.  I continue to study horn genetics to gain a better understanding of how to reach this goal.  We breed for nice wool while maintaining a variety of colors and patterns.  A long term goal is to get the temperaments of our flock members to all be of the more docile, easy to handle sort, for management purposes, while not sacrificing any of the above breeding goals.  I continue to research and learn about my flock and am happy to share what I know with whoever may ask.    

Ferdinand 09.01.2014
Cattleya Sunsugar 2 07.22.2015
Tansy April Ram 2 07.22.2015
Located in: Minnesota
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