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of North America

Green Heart Farm

Cynthia Berg
316 Parker Hill Rd
Phone: 802-885-1792
Flock Code: CFM
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Green Heart Farm is a culmination of two heart's desires to be in relationship with the land, animals, and nature.  We are committed to holistically raising our purebred and registered horned Icelandic Sheep on grass, minerals specifically formulated for this unique breed, fresh water and lots of love and respect for the gifts they give us.  We focus on genetics that stay true to the triple purpose of this breed and follow the conformation guidelines from the Isbona DVD.  We breed ewes with good lambing and mothering abilities, and with superb milkiness to grow healthy lambs on milk and grass alone.  We breed for good horn conformation in our rams as well as solid, stocky build for good meat production.  Our practices are all natural and organic and we only breed and sell animals with strong parasite resistance and that do well with our holistic management system.   We utilize sound flock management, herbal supplementation and remedies, and homeopathic approaches when issues arise choosing to only use chemical dewormers or conventional medications if absolutely necessary.  Our goal is to stay ahead of parasites so we don't have to resort to chemical inputs.  We do this by practicing frequent rotational grazing on tall pasture grasses, regular herbal maintenance along with good mineral inputs to keep the flock's immune system strong.  Please visit our website at or our Facebook page at

Located in: Vermont
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