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Stark Hollow Farm

Vanessa Riva
Laura Smith
345 Currier Road
Phone: 802-734-0180
Flock Code: FSH
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Stark Hollow Farm sells register Icelandic sheep from our homestead farm in Vermont. All our animals for sale may be registered upon purchase. Animals are trained to electric fencing, including electric netting. Our flock is 100% grass fed. We do not use grains for finishing. Our pastures are chemical, fertilizer and pesticide free as is the hay our animals consume during winter months. We do treat for parasites as needed and augment our parasite management program with the use of natural products such as organic garlic concentrate, organic north Atlantic kelp and other natural minerals. Our custom mineral supplementation program places an emphasis on the needs of the Icelandic breed, adding additional important minerals such as selenium, copper, cobalt, and manganese.


Our heritage breed Icelandic sheep are rotationally grazed on pasture in the warm growing seasons and over-wintered in a large outdoor paddock with access to our 30' x 48' barn. They are fed local organic grass hay & natural legumes. We practice forward grazing for a minimum of 8 weeks before returning to previously grazed areas. This limits our need for the use of chemical dewormers. We periodically view famacha scores and conduct fecal testing and treat only those animals who need treatment. We attempt to cull heavy shedders and those whose parasite resistance seems low. We work with new farmers, offering technical assistance, problem solving and advice based on our 7 years as breeders.


We maintain a flock of approximately 50 breeding ewes and typically 2-3 unrelated rams to offer a large variety of animals to choose from. With our larger flock of diversified genetics, you can be assured to obtain excellent breed stock as there are many choices and all non-breed quality animals are not considered except as meat, pets or fiber animals.


We would love to work with you! Please contact us at 802-734-0180.

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Located in: Vermont
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