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of North America

Rivers Blessings LLC

Marilyn Pratt
Billy Eastep
90322 Highway 42S
Phone: 541-347-8505
Flock Code: RBLS
Email Address: Click to Email

The stars of the show are our grass-fed Icelandic sheep, who give us beautiful wool, lovely milk for cheese, and wonderful lambs.  We also have a small herd of friendly cows who love to eat some of the grasses and forbs the sheep leave behind.


Our pasture prep and cleanup crew - chickens and ducks - help keep the pastures clean and healthy for the ruminants large and small while producing amazing eggs.  We generally have a few pigs, too, to help dig our gardens, drink any excess milk from our milk cows, and enjoy the whey from cheese-making.


This year we started a big garden and we are bringing some serious fiber mill equipment online.


Everyone's strengths are coming to the fore to create a thriving ecosystem on the beautiful Coquille River.

Located in: Oregon
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