Joining CSBA/Registering via CLRC

The Canadian Sheep Breeders Association (CSBA) is the recognized breed club for Icelandic Sheep and it is under the auspices of this group that purebred Icelandic sheep may be registered. The Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC) is a separate organization (with ties to CSBA) that is responsible for handling registrations and transfers of purebred, registered Icelandic sheep. For ISBONA members to register their lambs, they must become members of CSBA (renewable yearly) and must possess documentation of ownership of their purebred, registered stock. CLRC then can handle all registration duties.

To fulfill registration requirements of the FULL membership level, ISBONA members must join CSBA; provide proof of membership via tattoo code (Flock code) from CLRC (see - "On-Line Services") or your CLRC membership number. US members: will identify your sheep by tattooing your flock code and a number in their ears. Canadian members: may follow Canadian tagging requirements where a tattoo or dual ear tags are acceptable. Icelandic Sheep are registered under the "Sheep" designation in CLRC.