Conformation DVD

Would you like to evaluate your own flock the way the experts from Iceland would? We have the definitive answers for you on the ISBONA Icelandic Sheep Conformation DVD. There are only a few of these DVDs left in stock so don't wait too long.

Discussions include evaluation of sheep conformation as well as related questions posed by the Icelandic breeders in the audience at the filming done at the 2009 Rhinebeck Fiber Festival.

The evaluation and lecture/discussion is led by Gudmundur Johannesson (aka Mundi) of Southram station who has evaluated Icelandics both in Iceland and the US.

Please contact our Librarian, Connie Millard, for your copy today. You can order via PayPal by clicking the BUY NOW button below and use your PayPal account or a major credit card. Price for members is only $25 (which includes mailing to you) and $35 for non-members (also including mailing). Since we are new to PayPal, we suggest emailing Connie so she does not miss your payment.